Basic Bouquet Shapes

Basic Bouquet Shapes

One of the biggest decision you will ever make in preparing for your wedding flowers is the bridal bouquet. Bouquets come in different shapes and styles that it can be confusing to to-be brides. To lessen the stress of choosing your bouquet, let me break them down to you. Basically there are 5 common types:

1. Posy/Nosegay – It’s also called the round bouquet because it’s circular in shape. This is the most common type of bouquet today.

2. Trailing – This bouquet is slender from top to tip and usually evenly balanced. It may have a wide or narrow trail. This style was common during the 50s and 60s. If you look at your parent’s wedding photos, you’ll most likely see your mom holding this type of bouquet.

3. Teardrop/Oval – This bouquet features a posy top but the trail narrows to form a teardrop.

4. Hand-tied – This bouquet is also known as the natural bouquet, it features visible stems and isn’t generally wired.

5. Arm sheaf – This bouquet lies along the forearm or hangs from the hand.

Hopefully this sheds some light and makes the planning of your wedding flowers easier. Watch out for more bride guides. I have a lot in store for you!