Choosing your Bridal Bouquet

Choosing your Bridal Bouquet

Photo credit: Jeremiah Tanquintic

Think of your bridal bouquet as the ultimate fashion accessory. Like a delicate clutch or a sexy pair of shoes, the right blooms should compliment your bridal gown. Here are some things to consider in choosing your bridal bouquet:

Before choosing the flowers for your bouquet, think about the season during which you wedding will be held. Some of your preferred flowers might not be in season and it’ll be expensive to have them imported. Flowers that are available in the Philippines all year round are roses, mums, gerbera daisies, carnations, lilies, orchids, etc. It’s best to choose hardy blooms such during the summer. Some flowers tend to droop when dehydrated.

Consider the color of your gown. Are you wearing traditional white, ecru or are you planning to follow Regine Velasquez’ footsteps and wear red? If your bridal gown is white, you might want to add some color to your bouquet. White on white is not always effective especially in photographs. Same is with red on red. Consider a bouquet with varying shades of the same color or a white bouquet with a touch of color accents.

In a previous entry, I’ve talked about the basic bridal bouquet shapes. Generally, round bouquets are the safest. But just like in fashion, certain things go better together. With bridal bouquets, a slim fitting dress on a tall bride looks great with a long trailing bouquet while a fishtail skirt suits a simple round bouquet. The length of your veil can also make or break the effectiveness of your bouquet. A short veil looks great with a formal posy while a long veil suits a dramatic trailing bouquet.

When you’re in doubt, it’s best to ask for your florist’s advice. They should know which bouquet suits your theme, gown and body type.

Depending on your theme, you can ask your florist to add pearl or crystal accents to your bouquet. I’ve had a bride who requested to have faux butterflies on her bridal bouquet. Whatever it is that you want, don’t hesitate to let your florist know. We’re here to make you look beautiful on your wedding day.