Real Weddings: Joey & Care

Real Weddings: Joey & Care

Joey and Care’s wedding is a memorable one. The couple visualised their wedding to be ethereal in a Lord of the Rings way. I love their theme and thought that this was a refreshing break from our usual romantic pink and purple events.

VIP table
VIP table

Care is a woman who knows what she wants so working with her is not hard. She already had a vision and all we had to do it make it come to life. Throughout the planning stage, I’ve come to know her more. Care has a captivating spirit, which I’m sure is what captured Joey’s heart.

Bridal bouquet

The couple met at work. Joey is gentle but strong. He is unwavering in his faith. He persistently prayed for her while they were friends. Little did he know that God was working in her heart too. Less than a year of being in a relationship, they were engaged to be married!


After the wedding, I remained friends with the couple. What made this wedding memorable is the new found friendship I was blessed with. Care used to text me that I have been a blessing but in truth, they have been a big source of encouragement for me too. My prayer for the both of them is to continue to grow in faith and love for each other.


Bridal bouquet: Roses, ranunculus, ergygium, lisianthus

Photo by: Nez Cruz Fine Art Wedding Photography
Venue: Mandarin Oriental


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