Real Weddings: Karl and Cheryl

Real Weddings: Karl and Cheryl

Karl and Cheryl are one of the kindest couples I know. During our first meeting, they were the ones who went out of their way to meet me at a restaurant near a hospital because I had a family emergency.

Throughout the planning and preparations stage, Cheryl was very involved. She sourced and provided most of her props and even personally DIY-ed the bottles for the centrepieces. Cheryl is very creative so most of the styling ideas came from her and all we had to do is executed them.

Working with the couple has been a blessing to us. I know all of their suppliers would say the same. And we know that this is an overflow from the love they receive from God and their families.

Karl-and-Cheryl-02 Karl-and-Cheryl-04 Karl-and-Cheryl-05 Karl-and-Cheryl-03 Karl-and-Cheryl-12 Karl-and-Cheryl-21 Karl-and-Cheryl-17 Karl-and-Cheryl-14 Karl-and-Cheryl-15 Karl-and-Cheryl-11 Karl-and-Cheryl-08Karl-and-Cheryl-25Karl-and-Cheryl-29Karl-and-Cheryl-26Karl-and-Cheryl-30Karl-and-Cheryl-39 Karl-and-Cheryl-40 Karl-and-Cheryl-41 Karl-and-Cheryl-43 Karl-and-Cheryl-44 Karl-and-Cheryl-48 Karl-and-Cheryl-51 Karl-and-Cheryl-55 Karl-and-Cheryl-57 Karl-and-Cheryl-27 Karl-and-Cheryl-28 Karl-and-Cheryl-63 Karl-and-Cheryl-01Karl-and-Cheryl-64 Karl-and-Cheryl-65 Karl-and-Cheryl-66 Karl-and-Cheryl-67 Karl-and-Cheryl-68 Karl-and-Cheryl-69 Karl-and-Cheryl-73 Karl-and-Cheryl-76Karl-and-Cheryl-62

Photo: Jeff and Lisa Photography
Video: Mayad Studios
Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te
HMUA: Jo Chan
Preparations Venue: The Lake Hotel
Ceremony and Reception: Antonio’s Tagaytay