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Something Blue

There’s a saying about the items a bride should carry or wear on her wedding day for good luck. It goes like this, “Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe.” For these brides, their “something blue” would already be their bouquets. With very limited choices on naturally blue

Crowning Glory

As I was working on some arrangements last week, I realized something. God values uniqueness. He could’ve made trees, flowers, plants all the same. He could’ve made only one kind of animal. He could’ve made all of us look alike. He could’ve made just one star or planet. Yet He didn’t. He designed and created

Countryside Wedding

One of the things I love about being a florist is we get to go to different places, meet different people and get to work with different designs. Each experience is unique. This particular wedding brought us to Nuvali. The place had a countryside feel and the couple’s choice of rustic theme is perfect! For

You are the music in me

Every wedding is different from the others. This wedding was so intimate and so personalized that they wanted a piece of themselves be part of every wedding detail. For the bridal bouquet, the bride created paper flowers from music sheets because the groom is a musician. I used white Ecuadorian roses, phalaenopsis orchids and million

Real Weddings: Joey & Care

Joey and Care’s wedding is a memorable one. The couple visualised their wedding to be ethereal in a Lord of the Rings way. I love their theme and thought that this was a refreshing break from our usual romantic pink and purple events. Care is a woman who knows what she wants so working with