Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your services?
We provide bridal bouquets, entourage flowers, ceremony and reception styling for weddings. We also cater to styling any other type of events in the Philippines.

2. What are the types of flower arrangements you do for the entourage?
We do flower bouquets, flower crowns, headdresses, corsages and pomanders for the female entourage, boutonnieres for male entourage in suits. We strongly advise male entourage in barong to forego of the boutonnieres. The pins used to hold the boutonniere in place might damage the material.

3. Do you do ceremony and reception styling?
Yes, please do send us the details so we can make a proposal for you.

4. How much are your rates?
There are certain factors that determine the rates we give to our clients namely the number of arrangements, choice of flowers, materials, design and season of your wedding. We work diligently to give the best rates possible and at the same time preserving the quality of our floral arrangements and designs. Please note our rates and availability are subject to change without prior notice. 

5. Do you have set packages? How can we get a quotation and proposal?
We do not have a standard package so we will need specific details to draft a quotation. Please go to our Contact Us page and fill out our form. We typically start with a quotation and general details first for your review. If you’re interested, our design proposal can come after which will include more details for the flowers to be used, types of arrangements etc. Design proposals usually take 1-2 weeks to prepare (we appreciate your patience!).

6. Can we have a meeting to discuss further?
Since we have several clients (confirmed and potential), we try our best to maximize our time and be efficient so we can also plan events, source materials and do production works. Given this, we only meet with clients who have close to final details, already received our initial proposal, reviewed our portfolio and checked our package cost to be somewhat in line with their budget. We’re currently based in Pasig so we can meet nearby or somewhere in between.

7. Can we request for changes after we have received your proposal?
We will allow one major change in order to finalize the proposal. For subsequent changes, we require booking confirmation first so that we can allot our time to other inquiries as well.

8. Do you do mock ups?
Yes, we can create mock ups but we charge a fee because these take time to arrange and purchase the materials. However, we cannot guarantee the mock up flower arrangements to be exactly identical on the actual wedding because the materials or harvest could change.

9. What are you payment schemes?
We require 20% down payment for events styling while 50% down payment to reserve the date for entourage only. Remaining balance to be settled one week before the wedding date. We accept cash, check, bank deposit or remittance.

10. Where can we view your portfolio?
You can browse through our portfolio for our featured works and blog for our latest wedding events. You may also like/follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest weddings and events.

If you are ready to inquire or still have any questions in mind, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!