Everyday Bouquets

Everyday Bouquets

Our everyday bouquets are designed to make your recipient feel special without breaking the bank. That’s why you can give these bouquets any day without needing for any occasion! You may choose from Carnations, China roses, a combination of both or Gerberas.

Carnations express love, fascination and distinction. On the other hand, China roses are the cheaper and smaller alternative to Ecuadorian roses found in our premium bouquets. And Gerberas, same family with daisies, represent innocence and purity.

Colors: red, pink, white

1 dozen Carnations – P2,000

1 dozen China roses – P3,000

Half and half (Roses and Carnations) – P2,800

1 dozen Gerberas – P2,000

We always persevere to give you the best and freshest flower arrangements. However, we may need to substitute flowers that are not in season or not available. Also, we reserve the right for some artistic leeway in arranging the flowers so exact arrangement may not exactly be the same as in the photos.

Please add delivery fee of 100-200php depending on location.